Strategic Sense Consulting Group ~ Management Consulting Services

Recreation Management Consulting and Corporate People Strategy

Bringing knowledge from the most passionate of industries to corporate projects and the solid growth methodologies of corporate to the recreation industries. Because living at the intersection of passion and growth is a fantastic place for a company to be.

Recreation Management

Create a recreational attraction that is guest focused, innovative, able to pivot and embodies the heart of a passionate team contributing to a high performing environment. Don’t be left behind.

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Develop Your People

Coaching and training go hand-in-hand for developing your people. Leading and sponsoring change with supports in place for a disciplined approach makes all the difference. Be a company that supports ongoing learning in change and transformation.

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Change Management

Whether it’s M&A integration or separation, managing organization or large IT changes, or pulling together a change strategy offsite, our team is there to provide the framework and process to guide you through.

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What We Do

Consult with companies to provide a disciplined approach, collaborative environment & build solutions to meet company goals and organizational strategies within your business.

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Who We Are

The Strategic Sense Consulting Group is a fun, dedicated team of consultants banded together to help companies optimize people strategies and maximize organizational capabilities.

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Work With Us

Strategic Sense Consulting Group is a team of skilled consultants who prides themselves on exceptional service and custom programs to meet your desired outcomes, leadership and business goals.

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