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A Holistic Approach

We are a boutique consulting firm that uses a holistic approach to growing your business and managing change that reaches like spokes on a wheel from the center of decision making through to the front lines and customers.   We are passionate about guiding successful companies and the people who make them successful toward remarkable results through alignment of all the core business and organizational functions within the Oil and Gas, Hospitality & Recreation, Aviation and Technology industries.

Connect the Dots

Keeping solutions in business strategy, innovation, change management, leadership development, team building and planning compartmentalized in silos is like separately dropping each member of a soccer team into tall drinking glasses and asking them to play well together to win.

Eliminate the Gap 

Collaborate, innovate and create better customer experiences by removing the chasm between the executive office and the front lines. Create the environment for open feedback looks for growing the business and increasing engagement.

It’s the Hard Stuff 

Leadership, innovation and change are not the ‘soft stuff’ they are what drive your business and create ongoing growth, and are three of the most difficult areas to support and grow. Recommendations for increased revenue and applying the 3 R’s of Change, Response, Resistance and Risk into the business from the leadership through to the customer is how we help you grow.


“Your company is a complex environment and yet simplicity of operations and delivery, as an end goal, will lead to stronger profitability.” ~W.Blackstaffe

Innovation | Change Management | Executive Coaching | Team Building | Facilitation

 Because none of these competencies function in isolation from each other.

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