Arrogance is not a leadership trait

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Have you ever been shopping and some person has parked their jag up on the side-walk next to the building? The first thing I think when I see that is ‘wow, arrogant’.

I love to see people find success, in fact, it is what I am all about – helping people and companies reach their full potential. I think when someone works really hard, begins to earn the big bucks and has taken the kind of risks it takes to get to the top of the ladder that is cause for celebration. But celebrate how? By not having to follow the same rules as everyone else?

I would caution, celebrating with arrogance leads to team disaster. We see it in leadership positions and companies all the time. During one of my meetings yesterday we talked about the “Caste System Hierarchy” that exists in some companies. The ‘peon’ attitude of arrogance; people who make the assumption they do not have to respect those in positions ‘beneath’ theirs. Thus, their treatment of their peers is significantly more respectful than that of their ‘subordinates’.

Your challenge: Take the time to look inside yourself and determine if you judge or treat people differently because of what you own or have. (House, car, title, income, education)

All people are equal. Diversity is key to a well balanced life, organization and relationships. Everyone is a contributor – people simply offer different opportunities and experiences. Learn about them, respect them and you will be surprised by how much you learn from those you once judged.

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