Whether we have worked with them or admired them from afar, we hold these companies and organizations in the highest regard.

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  We first met the folks at Betach when Patti manage the OCM for the University of Calgary’s migration to Office 365. Since then Strategic Sense and Betach have since found ways to work together to help other customers benefit through technical implementations with an embedded OCM component. We admire the talent at Betach Solutions who are a management and information systems and technology consulting company with a focus on Microsoft Online Services, and a Microsoft Gold Partner.
Patti worked with Streamline to offer services for the Enbridge SCADA replacement project and facilitating the SCADA Rationalization Process for Plains Midstream. She has a great deal of admiration for the two people she worked with Directly, Jennifer Gies and Peter Boyle. She also met some exceptional consultants during those contracts and continues to gain inspiration from them.
 Providence_Logo2  Our Charity of Choice is Providence – a Health, Education, and Therapy Centre for Children with disabilities. Patti sat on the board for this organization for over 10 years and remains passionate about our company’s commitment to them through charitable giving and through corporate team building activities where companies are given an opportunity to help children.
big-logo Business Instincts Group, also known as BIG, builds remarkable companies that answer the question “What If”. From HD cameras on the space station, to helping us buy something right where we see it, BIG is there. They are my example of innovation and creativity in a group of people committed to doing business with flare. Cameron Chell has been a strong mentor and continues to provide us with continual inspiration.
Get your Brainface on with Admaki! These folks are to branding what sushi is to a Japanese Restaurant! Over 25 years of award winning experience in Advertising and Design, these folks have it going on. They turn convention on it’s head and give their customers exceptional results. We have a lot to learn about bite-sized messages, in fact, they gives us food for thought!
Elevated HR is a “…no nonsense – get it done – make you laugh – always got your back – tell it to you straight – HR partner.” Their vision: “Build a solid foundation for employers today, so they can attract and retain extraordinary talent tomorrow.” They inspire us because they have found a way to bring ‘larger company’ offerings to entrepreneurs.
SHG_whitelabel_250X106 Summers Hospitality Group. We love food and we love customer service – if you want both, then you need SHG – they are the one stop shop that shows the hospitality industry the way to be hospitable! (oh, and kick butt in raising the bar when it comes to profit, because you now have both!)
Screw It, Let's Do It Hard to resist the engaging persona of Richard Branson, his smile lights up the people around him. He has that ‘something’ that all of us who are trying to fit in somewhere wish we were brave enough to show – his book to the right is an example. What we truly admire about Richard is the manner in which he embodies the kind of leadership we believe in. Not only does he own major businesses – he turns around and cares deeply about the world he lives in, giving back. Not just through charity either, but through encouraging others to grow. Just read his blog to learn more about this man.
AceHeader We could not do what we do without having someone in the background with the kind of energy that this lady has. Positive, fun, joyful, supporting and playful – all at the same time as being the best Virtual Assistant any company could have.
smFelix Felix Nater is tireless in his work as a Violence Interdiction Specialist. In addition to this, his fight against bullying in the workplace is near and dear to our hearts.
Eye Q Int Eye Q International is a company that puts employee safety at the forefront. They are subject matter experts in Spatial Cognition and Situational Awareness. They work with Oil and Gas to lower T.R.I.F. rates as well as safety for drivers, coaches and athletes. The program is proven and is gaining traction for keeping safety top-of-mind for employees.