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Our President, Patti Blackstaffe, speaks at a number of corporate and private events, woman’s organizations and conferences. In addition to speaking herself, she belongs to a network of speakers and can bring someone in to talk on the topic of your choice for any business event. If you want a dynamic and entertaining speaker who speaks from the heart, gets to the point and challenges your group to walk away and take action, then you have come to the right place.


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Knowledge is Power: How collaborative sharing can create positive and elevated change

Patti brings to life the three ways your collaborative teams can build possibility in every collaborative effort in which they embark. She explains the three tenants of collaboration, the power of communication, ways to prioritize complex problems and issues, and how to leverage unexpected experts. Simplifying in the storm of complexity, some issues are best broken down into their most simplistic forms, and through collaboration one has the power to utilize that simplicity in addressing and moving through the complexity.

Live it! Lead it! Leadership XXL: 11 practical steps to leadership

Sometimes all you need is a guidebook – this speaking topic walks your organization through the 11 Practical Steps for Leading Extra, Extra Large! But we don’t mean in size or attention. The 11 Practical steps are the 11 things every leader needs to know in order to lead so that others follow. A digital copy of the book is then presented to all participants following the session.

The Journey: reaching in to understand the defining moments that shape your passionPatti Blackstaffe WOW

Patti describes the defining moments in her life that have led her to find success in life. Each defining moment on her journey has solidified the understanding that in life we are guided and driven by situations and events outside of our control; it’s all about how we deal with them that the power of learning and the greatest rewards are found. This is an excellent talk for Women’s groups or associations.

It’s Their Fault, Let Them Fix It: breaking down the barriers

Collaboration is easy when people share values, space or direction, discover some of the main reasons collaboration fails to exist in many companies. Sometimes instead of interdepartmental collaboration, life at work can feel like interdepartmental war – vying for budget, time, resources, and deadlines, cooperation can fall by the wayside and spin out of control. Stop getting sucked into that vortex and discover how to avoid the pitfalls of blame, competition and frustration by learning simple strategies for internal collaboration.

The 8 Most Important Characteristics of Great Leaders

Let Patti introduce you to the eight most important characteristics of great leaders as she shares pertinent stories of people and businesses who have both succeeded and failed to inspire and motivate for innovation and sustainability for their companies. This is a Key-Note talk backed by research illustrating some of the core ways to make a difference for your greatest resources, for coaching your teams to do the same and for raising the bottom-line.

Patti BlackstaffeHappy Workplaces Succeed: learning to play as you work

We don’t need research to tell us that when we are happy, the ideas flow! Research can, however, help us understand why it is so important to enjoy what we do every day, and even better, some truly awe-inspiring ways to infuse your day with fun. With subtopics like, “Pockets of Happiness” and “How to Love Your Meetings”, your team will walk away inspired and excited to come into work in a Monday, just to try it out!

Social Media and the Workplace: why some companies make it work

Do Social Media policies hinder or help? Learn what some corporations are doing to adopt or reject social media and why.
What you need to know as an employer, as a staff member and as a customer service representative in your obligations to both self and your company in how you are represented on various social media platforms.
Learn what it means to be “an ambassador for your company”.

Pulverizing Procrastination: the ‘GSD’ philosophy

Action Smites Fear – yes, like a well dressed hero with cape and mask take action and fight procrastination and learn to love what you do regardless of the tasks involved.

Avoid the self sabotage of waiting till the last minute, learn how to tackle those tasks and the importance they have to your career!

Interpretentions: a team presentation

The pit-falls of interpretation – so many workplace dramas are stirred up when one person begins to interpret the intentions of another without actually seeking to learn what the actual intentions were. We see it time and again – enjoy a journey into stories of people who can really mess up a work environment by participating in “interpretentions” and learn the skills and phrases that can eliminate that drama.

A Letter to the CEO: a company workshopWomen of Excellence

Work with Patti as you dissect a letter to the CEO together, with humour, a keen insight to workplace frustrations and a welcome set of common sense strategies to help you overcome leadership angst she will work with you to build a better plan. This talk is for all sections of the organization; staff, management and executive to laugh and share together better solutions than what this fictitious employee is writing to their CEO about.

Work with us to develop your people in realizing their full potential.