Notes From the Leadership Diva!

My last post ‘A Letter to the CEO’ drew a lot more attention than I expected! The attention was from leaders and employees alike all saying the letter beautifully highlighted common issues within most corporate life.

This week I wanted to write a response to the letter, but interestingly enough I struggled with the manner in which the response should be delivered. I then opened the discussion up with a collegue and she suggested a very good manner in which to approach responding. Over the next few posts we are going to take you through the leadership development consulting for both the CEO and the employee in order to highlight ways in which the conversation for change can both begin and solutions can be formed…so stay tuned.

This struggle for delivering to you a solution packed with the kind of helpful and insightful means of addressing the letter (as if it were happening in a real company) took most of my week. As a result the post is not quite ready for this weeks issue of Making Strategic Sense. I do, however, have a wonderful treat for you from TED, an amazing speaker, Barry Schwartz who will provide some remarkable and commonsense suggestions for allowing practical wisdom back into our lives!

So many options… we’re here to accomodate you!

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Strategic Sense is a Leadership Development, Plans of Action and Facilitation organization who’s mission is to change the world for leaders and their employees everywhere. We believe each individual comes with their own unique talents and skills that can be enhanced and utilized to help them become the very best leaders only they can be.



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