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None of us ever succeed alone, we need a little help along the way and sometimes we join forces for making our Entrepreneurship even more successful.  Two of the tools we use and love are below, we love them so much we decided to work with them to share the love.

Website Host Recommendation

hostgator Partners
We use and recommend Host Gator to all our business clients. Check out their current hosting plans.

We recommend the business plan to most of our clients.  Truthfully, they are the best hosting company we have worked with and recommend on that basis, however, it is worth noting that we are also an affiliate for Host Gator and do receive an affiliate fee upon purchase of hosting based on our referral.

Project and Team Management

teambox PartnersUse Teambox to keep your team on track!

Delegate projects and tasks to your team.  Establish and track project timelines. Centralize project activities and conversations between team members.

Teambox allows our company to truly connect in a great way.  We love the application, the way they respond so quickly and that we can be in conversation with their developers to learn more about the API.  We are also an affiliate for Teambox and so clicking on the link will let them know we referred you.  As a result we do receive a small affiliate fee upon purchase of a paid plan based on our referral.