References, Referrals and Testimonials

avatarI had the pleasure working with Patti on large scale project impacting over 20,000 diverse customers. Throughout my interactions with Patti, she raised my understanding regarding effective OCM practices. Not only was she sharp, passionate, friendly, and on the ball, but the tools she brought to the activity were a key element to the project's great success.
In general, it was a pleasure to work with Patti, not only on a personal level, as she leveled up the project's OCM game to a degree of clarity and quality I have yet to, again, experience with other OCM professionals.

Nathan Hunt
Business Analyst, University of Calgary
avatarWorking with Patti Blackstaffe was an absolute pleasure! I appreciated her ability to balance the strategic aspects of organizational change as well as the practical steps she took to lay the groundwork for effective and lasting transformation at the client. Patti's strengths include stakeholder engagement, collaboration and a disciplined approach to understanding what change means for different groups and even individuals. Her strong facilitation skills, positive attitude and ability to cut through the noise to really understand where people are coming from to gain insights into their concerns and hesitations were key to helping us move the needle towards meaningful change. Patti's experience comes through in the high quality of work products she delivers including communication, training, stakeholder engagement plans and targeted messages and learning content that is accessible and meaningful. She is able to balance multiple priorities to meet aggressive deadlines and I appreciated her willingness to take charge of all aspects of the OCM strategy and plan including a large training and communication effort required for implementation. I would give Patti my highest recommendation...and look forward to working with her again.

Anna Loomis
Solvera Solutions
avatarPatti and I had the privilege of working together on the campus-wide roll out of O365. Project timelines were significantly constrained due to unforeseen circumstances. Given the extreme stress the team was under, Patti's enduring enthusiasm, professionalism, and dedication to the project's success, specifically ensuring the ease of faculty and staff adoption, was remarkable! Working with Patti is a joy! She brings amazing OCM and leadership capabilities to everything she does!

(2015-2016 Patti was employed at the UofC providing organizational change management leadership for the Microsoft Office 365 project)

Catherine Heggerud MBA CHRP
Director, University of Calgary
avatarThroughout my career, I have worked with many great Change Management experts but Patti clearly shines at the top. She is an excellent change leader who is able to forge great relationships at all levels of the organization. She is a forward thinker and makes a great team player alongside the project leader. I wish her all the best and look forward working with her on another challenging assignment.

(2015-2016 Patti was employed at the UofC providing organizational change management leadership for the Microsoft Office 365 project)

Masood Akhtar BSc, MBA, PMP, ProSci
avatarPatti is an Enthusiastic, Diligent, focused, thorough, conscientious team player with strong leadership skills.
Her excellent work during her time at Telvent resulted in above-expected performance while maintaining a forward planning perspective.
I strongly feel that Patti's broad skill set can be successfully applied to whatever vocation she chooses to pursue.

(Dave was instrumental in sponsoring Patti on a change management project in 2006.)

Dave Jardine, PEng MBA, President, Telvent Canada
avatarI had the opportunity to work with Patti Blackstaffe while I was employed at Business Instincts Group. Patti was hired as a consultant to help us execute on a fundraising campaign between one of our start-up companies, frendo (a fee-free donation platform for charities), and the X-Prize Foundation (a non-profit organization that designs and manages public competitions intended to encourage technological development that could benefit mankind). Patti was hired to lead, manage, and facilitate idea sessions within the group, and always did so in a way that made everyone in the room leave buzzing with excitement and energy to “get things done”. While working with Patti, I admired her ability to build instant rapport with everyone she meets, and take a group of seemingly disconnected people, and realign, connect, and transform them into a highly functioning team. I was also incredibly impressed with Patti’s ability to keep a team focused on the task at hand, and create highly effective organizational systems for the team to use.

Chett Matchett
avatarPatti is a diligent and considerate professional with strong technical and interpersonal skills. She is creative and goal-oriented....Patti brings a strong combination of professional drive and technical knowledge to a company...

Cyber Security Manager
avatarWhen Patti and I met, I had a very specific problem that she went well beyond the scope of the request to solve for me. Her creativity and thoroughness was most appreciated and I was impressed by her knowledge and insight into business processes. Well done and thanks Patti.

Grant Kelba
Go to Market Expert
avatarPatti Blackstaffe is truly an inspiration and delight to work with. I've had the pleasure of working with Patti on more than one occasion and always come out feeling on top of the world with her ideas, encouragement and expertise. Patti is one of the most positive and uplifting people I've met and look forward to every encounter with her.

Michelle Cochrane
Loss Specialist
avatarPatti and I hooked up when I was between positions, looking for new career opportunities. She helped me focus on my own personal brand which has helped me in spades. Her passion shines through and through. She's a fantastic coach, strategist and mentor and I'm glad to have her in my network.

Brad Celmainis, CA
Chartered Accountant
avatarPatti is one of those rare individuals who combine the highest of integrity, with the personal touch, to assist in helping you achieve your goals. Her expertise and knowledge are of the highest caliber. In addition to all the above, she is a lot of fun to work with.

Jeffrey Heinichen
Chief Evangelist for CompleteMASTERY™ Institute
I had the pleasure of working with Patti in one of our previous incarnations and was immediately impressed by her intelligence, professionalism and passion for her work. Since then, she has continued to grow and continually astounds me with the energy and drive she brings to whatever she sets out to accomplish.

Project Manager, City of Calgary
It is my pleasure to offer my recommendation for Patti Blackstaffe and Strategic Sense Inc. The coaching sessions I have had with Patti have really helped to level out the "peaks and valleys" associated with launching my own business. Patti helps me by: 1) listening - genuinely - to my ideas; 2) objectively separating the "wheat from the chaff"; 3) developing plans of action; and 4) bringing my ideas to life. Her unique ability to combine professionalism, practicality and passion is inspiring and it has helped me to expand the boundaries of what I thought possible. My investment in time with Patti has been absolutely one of the best purchases I have ever made.

Bill Dreger
nonstopGOLF - Trackman Analysis
avatarWhat you have done so far Patti is amazing thank you very much for your insight.

Diane D.
Partnership Change Management Initiative
avatar(For the Book) "In a world where every minute matters, I know whether I will find a book impactful or not by what I read in the first pages. “Live It, Lead It – Leadership XXL” grabs the reader with powerful insight right from page 1 and takes the reader on a succinct, poignant exploration of the key elements that leaders in the 21st century must understand in order to lead and serve effectively. While there are many great books on leadership available, Patti Blackstaffe assembles the essential ideas that leaders need to be cognizant of and presents them in a style that is engaging, refreshing and easy to retain. Whether the reader is seeking new insight into the world of leadership or is a seasoned veteran who appreciates a strong refresher, “Live It, Lead It – Leadership XXL” is an excellent read and one that should be required reading for all leaders. Given that we are all leaders in one form or another, the insights presented in this book take our abilities to lead and to serve to a higher level, making the challenge of leadership an easier and more rewarding one."

Harry Tucker - Wall Street Strategist, Speaker, Author.
avatar“As part of Young Presidents Organization and World Presidents Organization over the past 26 years, I have had the pleasure of being exposed to some of the world’s leading motivational speakers, presenters and executive coaches. Many of these people such as Jack Canfield, Ken Blanchard and Tony Robbins have become almost household names. I can honestly say that Ms Patti Blackstaffe has a rightful position amongst these people. Her skill as a motivator, presenter and executive coach, in my view places her amongst the world’s best. The understanding of the individual, transfer of knowledge and functional applications give her the skill set to provide the most successful outcome. We simply need to follow her lead to maximize our own potential for success.”

Terrance E Royer BASc, MBA, ICD.D, LLD
avatarPatti is an incredibly gifted, resourceful, diligent and considerate professional with solid technical foundation and strong interpersonal and team building skills. Her creativity allowed her to develop a set of solid goals and a focused vision for Telvent's RealTime Process Integration team, she was very diligent and focused on the vision and it allowed her and her team to stay focused on a common direction that allowed the team to execute, and deliver. Her commitment to her direct report and the team was very recognizable in the matter the team respected her and how she interacted with her peers. Patti brings a strong combination of technical skills, professional discipline, ethics, and drive to a company, making her a solid candidate for any technical leadership position.

(Referring to a change management project led by Patti 2006)

Al Rivero, PE
President of ANG Consulting LLC
avatarPipestone Projects (formerly of Pipeline Solutions) has utilized the services of Strategic Sense on many occasions for several services.
We have been greatly assisted by Strategic Sense in the following areas:
Business Plan development and Ideas | Leading Website Development | Facilitating Logo Design | Business Counselling and Strategy | Business Leadership Coaching

For Pipestone Projects (Pipeline Solutions), Strategic Sense is one stop shopping for marketing ideas, website and logo design, website development and numerous other business ideas and strategy,

I heartily recommend Strategic Sense as this company is and will continue to be our source for remarkable acumen in Business leadership matters.

David Hermanson

David Hermanson
Pipestone Projects
avatar“Patti is a strong, mission-driven leader who can help you become equally strong and mission-driven.”

David Porter
President/Chief Creative Officer, BullsEye Leadership
avatar“Patti is a reliable, optimistic individual with a solid work ethic. Patti is a very comfortable communicator; she is able to quickly build a rapport with anyone. She is a pleasure to work with, and is not afraid of asking the difficult questions to get things done or to remove roadblocks.”

Wes Devauld
Owner, DR Photography
avatar“I have used Patti’s consultative services and found that she is very professional and provided me with work that has far exceeded my expectation. I found Patti to be very knowledgeable in what she does and would not hesitate to use her services again or recommend her to anyone.”

Dawn Kuechle
Instructor at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (MacPhail School of Energy)
avatar“Patti has given to me such wonderful advice in many areas of my life and challenges where I have needed expert advice. I would highly recommend her services to anyone – you will be extremely grateful and find her advice most beneficial. Patti is very educated and knowledgeable with the ability to analyze and see objectively all aspects of a situation. Given such insight, this enables her to advise you with both the positive and negative effects, such that one is able to achieve a more desirable outcome. I am most grateful for her mentorship and caring attitude.”

Shirley Pedersen
Telvent Canada
avatar“Our annual staff retreat was designed to be the exact response to our need. We were dealing with difficult change, both personal and professional, and this day successfully gave people opportunity to explore individually and together how change was impacting our community and how we could move forward positively. Attention to every detail was evident… the location, music, activities, written program, organization of the day, and even the choice and presentation of the meal worked towards achieving the desired outcome. Definitely a day of renewal!”

Mary Anne Derbyshire
Our Lady of Assumption School
avatar“Strategic Sense embodies the best of Patti’s abilities and will certainly bring positive results to her clients.”

Mike Hammond
Owner, Zakris Consulting Inc.
avatar“All I can say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I appreciate all that you have done for me.”

Kari Kershaw
avatar“Patti has been so supportive and brings such a positive attitude to the table. She has given me incredible advice in facing many challenging tasks and situations. Her mentorship abilities far exceed my expectations and I was “Wowed” by her insightful knowledge and expertise. Patti is extremely caring and supportive and her primary goal is for you to succeed. I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing support corporately or personally.”

Sonja (van Zwaaij) Devauld
avatar“I have known and worked with Patti for over 5 years and she has always been professional and timely with all her solutions. Patti is full of energy and very knowledgeable and she has a knack for bringing things into perspective. More recently I have been working with Patti and Strategic Sense Inc to refocus my career goals and build on my strengths. I look forward to working with Patti and Strategic Sense Inc. in the future. Thank you, Patti, for all your help.”

David Gies P.Eng
avatar“I can honestly say that, thanks to Patti and Strategic Sense Inc., my career today and my personal and professional lives are enjoying a level of success and satisfaction unseen at my previous post and undreamt of until now. Her abilities to seek out the shortest distance between here and success are phenomenal, as is her ability to chart the course and plan the trip to get there.”

Steven A. Jacquin P. Eng., PMP