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Babble Free

There are a lot of ways to say things, but the best communicators understand how to get straight to the point and keep everything clear. Twitter has taught many a 'babbler' that significant points can be made in very few words. While we don't recommend shortening words with abbreviations or "text talk" we do recommend you find ways to communicate with clarity of point. Here is our tool to help you practice with a few pointers for keeping it brief...

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E.A.T. Them Bytes!

pencil_smTake a Byte of These Resources: In our coaching programs, we have an exercise that helps deal with expectations. Here are a few resources used in our E.A.T. method for Leaders. Learn more about this method as used in our "In The Lead Seat" coaching program for leaders.

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Free Whitepaper

In The Lead Seat

Download your copy of our free Whitepaper 14 Weeks of Managers Making The Mark and In The Lead Seat here.

We talk about what is missing and what we believe the solutions are! Find out what's missing in training and what we care to do about it.

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