Babble Free

There are a lot of ways to say things, but the best communicators understand how to get straight to the point and keep everything clear. Twitter has taught many a ‘babbler’ that significant points can be made in very few words. While we don’t recommend shortening words with abbreviations or “text talk” we do recommend you find ways to communicate with clarity of point. Here is our tool to help you practice with a few pointers for keeping it brief…

  • Start an email communication with a very short greeting and intro, then immediately let the reader know what your top 3 points are, and list them in order of priority, (try to keep main points to a total of 5 and under).
  • Keep them under 160 characters so the actual point is not buried in descriptive words.
  • Keep them factual rather than emotional.

If you need to back up your points with explanation, do that later in the email so your reader knows exactly what the real issues are. Here is a little tool you can use for creating your key points:

Now, follow it up with an additional set of points that are solutions if your first main points are describing a problem.

No one likes to receive an email filled with paragraph after paragraph of diatribe or a litany of issues or concerns where the reader is responsible for trying to figure out what the main issues are and how to solve them.

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