E.A.T. Them Bytes!

pencil_smTake a Byte of These Resources: In our coaching programs, we have an exercise that helps deal with expectations. Here are a few resources used in our E.A.T. method for Leaders. Learn more about this method as used in our “In The Lead Seat” coaching program for leaders.


Expectation_Boss Click on the link to the left for the Expectation Template. This template is used for better understanding your bosses expectations of you. Whether in a new role, an existing role or simply wanting to find clarity, this template will help you understand what your boss expects of you.
expectation_employee Having Employees can be challenging and rewarding all at the same time. While your boss may have expectations of you, and you of your employees, have you ever considered the expectations your employee has of you as a boss? This template can help you understand a viewpoint you may not have considered.
expectation_incommon A list of what you have in common regarding the expectations of your employees will help you better see where you meet and is a great focus for moving forward positively. Commonalities also highlight what might not be working as well. We use this sheet for recognizing working/not working issues for bosses and employees.
expectation_goals You have an understanding of what is expected, what you expect of others and you have determined what’s working and what’s not working, now it’s time to set goals That bring it all into alignment.
expectation_action Leading from the middle is about matching your personal values with actions that reflect your goals and still meet expectation. Getting creative with actions both as an individual and within a team.
expectation_transparency Tracking your actions can be fun, no matter which visuals you use, being transparent about it helps others know where you are, where the team is and helps other divisions of your company help you meet your goals.