Secure Transformation

Digital Transformation and the Human Impact

Cyber Security legislation, regulations, policies, procedures, technologies, and tactics all carry an impact for your organization. Being transformation agile means putting your actions where your money is. A cyber security plan is only as good as the people being asked to use it. To implement security changes without causing eruptive chaos, one needs a clear understanding of the resiliency of the people within the organization. Strategic Sense teaches you how to use the most effective Enterprise Transformation Agility processes in operational settings so that, now and always, your cyber security defense posture is perfectly aligned with your leadership team’s expectations.

Strategic Sense Consulting Group’s staff and our ecosystem of certified consultants work with you in:

  • Mapping security legislation, regulations, policies, procedures, technologies, and tactics to corporate governance
  • Measuring organizational change maturity for transformation
  • Assessing and developing a strategic change complexity model for resourcing of your security efforts
  • Cyber Security awareness training programs and adoption plans
  • Identity and Access Control Management assessments and design
  • Human Centered Design for robust security solutions
  • Mapping Agile security solution development to the unique resilience characteristics of your organization.

Manage the impact, change the results.

Cyber Security is only successful if the people being asked to meet regulation and process are aware and ready for the governed changes as they are applied. Without the right planning, your defense-in-depth strategy will become an expense-in-depth black hole.