Transformational Change

Complex Transformation

Our ecosystem of consultants focus on building transformation agility within your organization. We do this by helping you build your centers of excellence (CoE) to support complex and transformational change for the entire enterprise.

We’ll get your leadership and organization ready and agile to transform, then walk you through the process.

Agility from Leadership to the Front Lines

Prepare your organization for transformation at the digital and human level, implementing trusted methodologies, leadership capability, program management, change strategies, human centered and experiential design, and tactical methods. We help you build Enterprise Transformation Agility aligned with your organization’s unique operation, culture, and environment. Building value-chain alignment, enterprise adoption, maturity roadmaps, and best practices that promote operational consistency. You want transformation that is repeatable and scalable so change becomes the ‘way you do business’ not one-off ad-hoc solutions at a project level.

Our ecosystem of consultants specialize in:

  • Enterprise Transformation – restructuring, realigning, product changes, and hierarchical changes.
  • Leadership Transformation Agility – Leading and supporting large transformation efforts.
  • Executive/Management Coaching for Transformation – building the individual transformation capacity for transformation.
  • Technology Integrations – cloud services, Microsoft solutions, tools, process control, automation, cyber security, SCADA.
  • Digital Transformation Projects – business change with the emergence of IoT, IIoT, AI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc.
  • Office 365 email migrations – proven change model for Microsoft email, calendar and associated tools in the cloud.
  • Service Management (ServiceNow) – change plans and training for internal IT as well as external clients.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – cross departmental assessments and transformational people strategy through all departments.
  • Resort/Recreation Transformation– interim management, business review, revenue assessments and improvements, change, and transformation.
  • Iterative OCM for Agile Development Projects – embedding OCM practices into iterative change plans.

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 Leading Change Workshops 
Coaching for Change 


Working within the O&G, Automation, Information Technology, Healthcare, Education, Cyber Security, Recreation, and Communication industries.

Poised for Change

A tactical model for transformational change at the project level

Our Poised for Change™ model is a strategic and tactical model that fits well within all change management methodologies. We will work with you to develop a custom project change governance model based on your culture and how your organization wishes to govern changes in the organization. This model supports the transformation efforts at the base level and provides the foundation for the governance required to ensure consistency in managing all kinds of change within the organization.

Our human-centered design strategies leverage experiential engagement leading to greater adoption and higher utilization of the technology or change being implemented.

I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better.
-Georg C. Lichtenberg

About the model

Our 7 stage Poised4Change™ Change Management Model is designed to bring you from the very beginning of the idea for change through to sustainability of that change. Our process flow fits well into most frameworks, including Hayes, Kotter, & Prosci and aligns with the PMI Project Management Lifecycle.

Along with our change tool set, our team is available to simply guide or work with you in the planning, implementation, follow-up, and support for your change initiative at both the project level or through large-scale organizational transformation.

“It’s not the changes that do you in, it’s the transitions .”~Anonymous

Things We Do For You

Transitioning teams, individuals and the organization to a new way of doing business takes a systematic approach that requires investing in your company by building a change process to reduce adoption times and help mitigate risk.

  • Program Development – building your change capacity at the program level with working charters for accountability and clarity of tasks.
  • Custom Design – change framework and methodology scalable for both project level and organizational transformation.
  • People Engagement – full leadership change coaching program, engagement activities, stakeholder evaluation, efficiency, talent management, culture.
  • Technical Implementation  Managing change for your technical roll-outs from readiness to completion.
  • Project Change Management (OCM)  – Including IT and SCADA Control System planning of OCM and implementation.
  • Post Merger Integration – function, culture, process, procedure, design and efficiency.
  • Pre-Merger Evaluation – targeting cultural fit, readiness, and risks associated with a potential merger.
  • Operations Strategy – vision, mission, strategic planning, portfolio readjustment,
  • Project Readiness – analysis, change plan, communications planning, training, implementation, sustainability
  • Metrics– designing success measures and plans for determining after-project success

Our goal is not to change your company, but help your company change with the opportunities and the ever-shifting environment around you.

If you were told that only 30% of the changes you initiate in your company will be fully adopted by your employees, would you say you were satisfied making that investment? We bring a holistic approach to preparing your organization for change by using the latest techniques in transformational change research and apply it to the very irrational nature of how people interpret their environment and how they choose to act, as a result. Companies surveyed indicate they see an increase in fast-paced change and decision making as a top priority in today’s business landscape, knowing how to align the people with the business can result in up to a 19% increase in profit for the organization and bring change initiatives in on budget and on time, when managed well.