Facilitating Transformation

Facilitation that works

Enterprise Transformation Agility is achieved through sharing a vision and working with teams at all levels to determine their part in making the transformation successful. Facilitating change will involve working with groups and teams to build out to the new strategy, to plan how the organization will transform at every level and support the required behaviour changes people and teams will need to make for the transformation to be successful. Increasing adoption, streamlining decision-making and meeting defined strategy is the foundation for transformation.

It takes a highly structured and evolved facilitation approach to bring around engagement to find success in transformation. A company that understands true transformation knows it requires significant behaviour change at the individual level to support facilitating planning, focus group sessions, feedback mechanisms, and sustainment practices. Transformation without enterprise-wide engagement that aligns with the strategy will fail to transform.

Our facilitators are exceptional in human-centered design and experiential planning. We do ‘transformational people strategy’ that simplifies the approach for complex implementation and helps your people become the authors of innovative and transformational change. Results based, streamlined decision making, and clear outcomes are our hallmark – fun activities, insightful guidance, and the ‘right activity’ to meet your outcomes are our foundation.

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Why A Facilitator?

A facilitator from outside the company provides neutrality and a varied perspective. Our facilitators are trained to lead a discussion, identify opportunities, open the door for honest dialog, maintain an agenda, & keep the discussion on track. We map ideas into action, define deadlines, and develop a plan for execution of your outcomes. Your focus is your business, our focus is helping you align to your strategic and financial goals from the executive office through to the front line.

Our facilitators offer custom processes carefully crafted for your specific group, it’s needs, cultural intricacies, pressures, and desired outcomes with solutions including:

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Facilitators are architects, pilots, and guides.

2GearsA facilitators largest workload occurs BEFORE the meeting, building a structural results-based agenda to support your meeting. Using a vast range of techniques we draw on a group’s strengths, talents, and capacities to architect a path for reaching a decision or outcome. With a strong process of discovery through to consensus or agreement in decision making, we guide the meeting so you can take part. We consider the participants needs such physical, emotional, creative, intellectual or intuitive capacities as we work through a process for the group. Facilitators identify people’s emotions, are neutral in helping the participant express those emotions in a safe environment and remain respectful of the emotions of all other participants. We help change perspective, infuse groups and ideas with energy, address the elephants in the room, broaden possibility and potential.

If you want to learn more about facilitation, this video is an exceptional example by The IIFAC:

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