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Our Leadership

She comes from corporate, he comes from the recreation industry! What better, than merging their two worlds together to expand the possibilities of what a management consulting company can do? The best of both worlds with many years of experience bringing technology, business management, change management and facilitation together to help companies grow and thrive. Meet Walt, Patti and their team.

Patti Blackstaffe C.P.C., M.B.C., Prosci - Senior Consultant & CEO

Patti is our senior consultant in people strategy and change management. She brings over 20 years as a practitioner in technology, oil & gas, education and non-profit work to the table. Describing herself as; “The girl who connects people.” She is a champion of people, coach to leaders, and facilitator of groups.

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Walt Blackstaffe B.PE - Recreational Management Services


Walt is an accomplished executive with a lifetime owning his own businesses and running businesses for others. Bringing his management and passion for Golf and Ski Operations to clients, he is adept at revenue generation and evaluation. Walt cares about efficiency and process development within complex organizations. He describes himself as; “The guy who makes stuff go around.” Very appropriate for a man who owned his first business by the time he was 21 and has generated revenue for a host of other businesses.

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Bruce Kerr - Sr. Account Manager


Bruce Kerr is an account executive and entrepreneur with over 40 years leading in business who champions business as a relationship. He describes himself as “the guy who makes things happen for others”. Bruce is known for his unique vision in identifying gaps, solving customer problems and providing the right fit solution for teams of any size.

Bruce’s love for business and his roles as business owner, partner and account executive, contribute to his natural ability to always maintain a clear focus on client needs and get to the heart of the best business direction.

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Todd Davis, M.Sc., CISSP - Business Development Executive

Successfully navigating organizational change in technology dense environments is a powerful business development enabler for both technology providers and the end users of their products. Mr. Davis draws on both disciplines to ensure that clients successfully navigate change in the face of evolving technology, particularly where IIOT is at play.

Mr. Davis offers more than 20 years providing software and ICS (Industrial Control System) solutions to many markets, including Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Electric Utilities, IT Provisioning, National Laboratories, National Security, Building Automation, and Energy Management. Mr. Davis holds a B.Sc. in Psychology and Philosophy from Brigham Young University and a M.Sc. from The University of Phoenix in Information Management Systems.


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Meet Our Team of Professionals

Our Team

Our Professional Staff

Meet our team of advisors in OCM People Strategy and Recreation Management Services, addressing your challenges by providing solutions that connect all areas of the company. Nothing happens in isolation. The processes, procedures, service and way you work with your people goes a long way to determining business success. Our goal is to move your business forward by taking a look at how you have managed your operation in the past and helping you refine internal activities to direct you to growth.
Meet a few of our team members:

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